Officers and Committees from 2020-2021

Membership Committee

Ben Miller, MD – Chair – Term Expires 2021
Aaron Althaus -Term Expires 2021
Jason Sullivan – Term Expires 2021

Legislative Committee

Lynn Nelson, MD, Chair – Term Expires 2021
Cass Igram, MD, BOC Representative -Term Expires 2021
Stuart Weinstein, MD, Member-at-large -Term Expires 2021
Tim Gibbons, MD, Member-at-Large – Term Expires 2021

Education Committee

Craig Mahoney, MD, President – Term Expires 2021
Michael Pyevish, MD, President Elect – Term Expires 2021


Dr. Jim Puhl Humanitarian Committee

Heather Kowalski, MD, Chair -Term Expires 2021

Nominating Committee

Mike Pyevich, MD President-Term Expires 2021
Craig Mahoney MD Past President-Term Expires 2021
Pat Buelow, Executive Director

Research Committee

Matthew Karam, MD – Chair & President IORF



Andrew Pugely

Andrew Pugely, MD


Matthew DeWall, MD

President Elect

Suleman Hussain, MD


Position Open

Member At Large

Darron Jones, MD

Darren Jones, MD

Immediate Past President

White, Matthew MD

Matthew White, MD

Past President.

Heather Kowalski, MD

Heather Kowalski, MD

Chair, James J. Puhl, MD Humanitarian Committee

Benjamin Miller MD, MS

Benjamin Miller MD, MS

Chair, Membership Committee

Craig Mahoney, MD

Craig Mahoney, MD

Chair, Legislative Committee

Matthew Karam, MD

Matthew Karam, MD

Chair, Research Foundation and UI Representative

Timothy Fowler, MD

BOC Representative

Timothy Gibbons, MD

Timothy Gibbons, MD

Iowa Medical Society Representative

Patricia A. Buelow, CMPE

Patricia A. Buelow, CMPE

Executive Director

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